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[33] In fact, a complete development of Neuschwanstein had never even been planned, and at the time of the King's death there was not a utilisation concept for numerous rooms.[29]. The albums are now stored in the United States National Archives. The shapes of Romanesque (simple geometric figures such as cuboids and semicircular arches), Gothic (upward-pointing lines, slim towers, delicate embellishments) and Byzantine architecture and art (the Throne Hall décor) were mingled in an eclectic fashion and supplemented with 19th-century technical achievements. La cuisine, conservée telle quelle, montre comment la technologie moderne a été intégrée à l'atmosphère du Moyen Âge présente dans les étages supérieurs. In 1868, the ruins of the medieval twin castles were completely demolished; the remains of the old keep were blown up. It was designed as the romantic ideal of a knight's castle. Derrière la façade riche en ornements de ce château assez petit resplendissent des miroirs scintillants, des ors brillants, des tapisseries et des tableaux, du velours et de la soie, des lustres en cristal, du lapislazuli, de la malachite et de la porcelaine. Le lit du monarque est couvert de draperies richement brodées. The eastward drawing room is adorned with themes from the Lohengrin legend. Chaque été, plus de 6 000 visiteurs par jour se bousculent vers les différentes pièces, prévues initialement pour accueillir une unique personne[8]. The two had a strained relationship, at least in part because Marie disapproved of Wagner. In the park of Linderhof Palace the King had installed a similar grotto of greater dimensions. [42] From then until World War I, Neuschwanstein was a stable and lucrative source of revenue for the House of Wittelsbach, indeed King Ludwig's castles were probably the single largest income source earned by the Bavarian royal family in the last years prior to 1914. On compte en moyenne de 1,3 million7 à 1,4 million de visiteurs chaque année8. [23], The basic style was originally planned to be neo-Gothic but the palace was primarily built in Romanesque style in the end. In the same year, the direction of the project passed to Julius Hofmann, after Dollmann had fallen from the King's favour. Those without tickets may still walk the long driveway from the base to the top of the mountain and visit the grounds and courtyard without a ticket, but will not be admitted to the interior of the castle. The unusual room, originally equipped with an artificial waterfall and a so-called rainbow machine, is connected to a little conservatory. Its surroundings are characterised by the transition between the Alpine foothills in the south (toward the nearby Austrian border) and a hilly landscape in the north that appears flat by comparison. The former queen resided in Hohenschwangau Castle. The palace has appeared prominently in several movies such as Helmut Käutner's Ludwig II (1955) and Luchino Visconti's Ludwig (1972), both biopics about the King; the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) and the war drama The Great Escape (1963). 8 sept. 2017 - Comparez toutes les offres d’hôtel de Allemagne en même temps. [46] The plan was not realised by the SS-Gruppenführer who had been assigned the task, however, and at the end of the war the palace was surrendered undamaged to representatives of the Allied forces. Chaque été, plus de 6 000 visiteurs par jour se bousculent vers les différentes pièces, prévues initialement pour accueillir un… The floor mosaic was completed after the king's death. At the time of King Ludwig's death the palace was far from complete. [63], Since 2015, Neuschwanstein and Ludwig's Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee palaces are on the German tentative list for a future designation as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The palace was erected as a conventional brick construction and later encased in various types of rock. Since the kitchen in Neuschwanstein is situated three stories below the dining room, it was impossible to install a wishing table (dining table disappearing by means of a mechanism) as at Linderhof Palace and Herrenchiemsee. The throne dais is surrounded by paintings of Jesus, the Twelve Apostles and six canonised kings. At its western end, the courtyard is delimited by a bricked embankment, whose polygonally protracting bulge marks the choir of the originally projected chapel; this three-nave church, never built, was intended to form the base of a 90-metre (295-ft) keep, the planned centrepiece of the architectural ensemble. [41] The royal lodging is on the third floor of the palace in the east wing of the Palas. Le couvent des chanoines augustins Herrenchiemsee (Vieux Château) Ce couvent fondé en 640 est le plus ancien de Bavière. Les peintures murales illustrent l'histoire de Tristan et Isolde, qui avait impressionné le jeune roi de 20 ans dans la version opéra de Wagner. The building also contains La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant, a gallery of displays which illustrate the story of Sleeping Beauty in tapestries, stained glass windows and figures. Many rooms bear a border depicting the various operas written by Wagner, including a theatre permanently featuring the set of one such play. On le remarque dans la construction du bâtiment dans son ensemble aussi bien que dans son ornementation : portails en plein cintre, les arcades des fenêtres et des tours, la position des colonnes et des baies vitrées et des pinacles. [8] Ludwig called the new palace New Hohenschwangau Castle; only after his death was it renamed Neuschwanstein. 12.10.2017 - Автор пина:Nina Porter. Julius Hofmann modelled it after the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche in the Munich Residenz. La plate-forme est encadrée par des peintures représentant les douze apôtres, et derrière la plate-forme, on peut voir un motif de lions d'or, symbole de la Bavière. It is designed as an amalgamation of two rooms of the Wartburg: The Hall of the Singers and the Ballroom. [17] Ludwig's control went so far that the palace has been regarded as his own creation, rather than that of the architects involved. [61], A meteorite that reached Earth spectacularly on 6 April 2002, at the Austrian border near Hohenschwangau was named Neuschwanstein after the palace. Sur fond doré sont représentés six rois européens du Moyen-Âge canonisés (de gauche à droite : Casimir de Pologne, Étienne de Hongrie, Henri II du Saint-Empire, Louis IX de France, Ferdinand III de Castille, et Édouard le Confesseur qui symbolisent l'idéal du chevalier, soldat du Christ. The passage through the Gatehouse, crowned with the royal Bavarian coat of arms, leads directly into the courtyard. harvnb error: no target: CITEREFPetzetHojer1995 (. [4], Vorderhohenschwangau Castle and Hinterhohenschwangau Castle[nb 2] sat on a rugged hill overlooking Schwanstein Castle, two nearby lakes (Alpsee and Schwansee), and the village. [33], Neuschwanstein, the symbolic medieval knight's castle, was not King Ludwig II's only huge construction project. La salle à manger en chêne sculpté est décorée avec des peintures de Ferdinand von Piloty et Josef Aigner. L'État libre de Bavière dépense environ 132 millions d'euros chaque année pour son entretien et l'amélioration des services aux visiteurs. Ce château a inspiré Alex Alice pour sa bande-dessinée : Le château de la famille Shûzen, dans le manga. Ultimately, no more than about 15 rooms and halls were finished. L’art et la culture vous attendent dans l’an- tique cité de Füssen et les châteaux royaux tout proches. [45]), In April 1945, the SS considered blowing up the palace to prevent the building itself and the artwork it contained from falling to the enemy. Quinze sont aménagées[4]. Le parc de ce palais recèle de nombreux trésors. Ticket sales are processed exclusively via the ticket centre in Hohenschwangau. [32], The King's wishes and demands expanded during the construction of Neuschwanstein, and so did the expenses. À la différence des autres chambres, la chambre à coucher du roi est magnifiquement sculptée dans le style néogothique. The resulting dispute with the House of Wittelsbach led to a split in 1923: King Ludwig's palaces including Neuschwanstein fell to the state and are now managed by the Bavarian Palace Department, a division of the Bavarian finance ministry. [58] As of 2008[update], the total number of visitors was more than 60 million. The hot air was used for a calorifère central heating system. Nymphenburg, un Palais munichois splendide #visitermunich #châteaudebavière Work on the Bower had not started, but was completed in a simplified form by 1892 without the planned figures of the female saints. On 9 June he was incapacitated, and on 10 June he had the deposition commission arrested in the gatehouse. The interior decoration with mural paintings, tapestry, furniture and other handicraft generally refers to the King's favourite themes: the grail legend, the works of Wolfram von Eschenbach, and their interpretation by Richard Wagner. Un château en Bavière | Voisins Jeanne | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Neuschwanstein embodies both the contemporaneous architectural fashion known as castle romanticism (German: Burgenromantik), and King Ludwig II's enthusiasm for the operas of Richard Wagner. Un retable représente des scènes de la vie de saint Louis. Its longer side is terminated by a gallery that is crowned by a tribune, modelled after the Wartburg. The courtyard has two levels, the lower one being defined to the east by the Gatehouse and to the north by the foundations of the so-called Rectangular Tower and by the gallery building. Following Romanesque style, most window openings are fashioned as bi- and triforia. Le projet initial de Louis II et Riedel était plus ambitieux, mais l'État bavarois décida de ne pas poursuivre les travaux à la mort du roi[3]. Completion was originally projected for 1872, but deferred repeatedly. The western Palas front supports a two-storey balcony with view on the Alpsee, while northwards a low chair tower and the conservatory protract from the main structure. [nb 5] By 1886, the external structure of the Palas (hall) was mostly finished. Il comporte environ 200 pièces d'une superficie totale de 6 000 m2. [9] The confusing result is that Hohenschwangau and Schwanstein have effectively swapped names: Hohenschwangau Castle replaced the ruins of Schwanstein Castle, and Neuschwanstein Castle replaced the ruins of the two Hohenschwangau Castles. [18], Whereas contemporary architecture critics derided Neuschwanstein, one of the last big palace building projects of the nineteenth century, as kitsch, Neuschwanstein and Ludwig II's other buildings are now counted among the major works of European historicism. [31] In the end, Ludwig II lived in the palace for a total of only 172 days. [33] Typical attributes of a castle were included, but real fortifications – the most important feature of a medieval aristocratic estate – were dispensed with. Initial ideas for the palace drew stylistically on Nuremberg Castle and envisaged a simple building in place of the old Vorderhohenschwangau Castle, but they were rejected and replaced by increasingly extensive drafts, culminating in a bigger palace modelled on the Wartburg. The transport of building materials was facilitated by scaffolding and a steam crane that lifted the material to the construction site. In the nineteenth century only ruins remained of the twin medieval castles, but those of Hinterhohenschwangau served as a lookout place known as Sylphenturm.[6]. The municipality of Schwangau lies at an elevation of 800 m (2,620 ft) at the southwest border of the German state of Bavaria. Le roi Louis II de Bavière l'a fait construire au XIXe siècle. Nearby Hohenschwangau Castle fell to the Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds, whose revenues go to the House of Wittelsbach. Throughout, the design pays homage to the German legends of Lohengrin, the Swan Knight. Had it been completed, the palace would have had more than 200 interior rooms, including premises for guests and servants, as well as for service and logistics. Économisez jusqu’à 80 %. [37] In early 1886, Ludwig asked his cabinet for a credit of 6 million marks, which was denied. La construction du « nouveau rocher du cygne » (traduction de Neuschwanstein) a nécessité des quantités énormes de matériaux, par exemple sur les deux seules années 1879 et 1880 : 465 tonnes de marbre de Salzbourg, 400 000 briques, 3 600 m3 de sable et 600 tonnes de ciment[2]. [22][51] Among other things it had a battery-powered bell system for the servants and telephone lines. In 1884, the King was able to move into the (still unfinished) Palas,[30] and in 1885, he invited his mother Marie to Neuschwanstein on the occasion of her 60th birthday. Like most of the court buildings, it mostly serves a decorative purpose as part of the ensemble. In the 19th century, many castles were constructed or reconstructed, often with significant changes to make them more picturesque. Bavière Allemagne: Webcam - Webcam météo - Livecam - Cams - Images en direct - Webcams [33] Initially a modest study was planned instead of the great throne hall, and projected guest rooms were struck from the drafts to make place for a Moorish Hall, which could not be realised due to lack of resources. La partie centrale et la plus ancienne du château a été réalisée au 17ème siècle dans le style d’une villa italienne. The ground floors of the Gatehouse were intended to accommodate the stables. 2018 - Découvrez Linderhof, chef d'oeuvre du roi Louis II de Bavière. [8][nb 4] This allowed Ludwig II to start the architectural project of building a private refuge in the familiar landscape far from the capital Munich, so that he could live out his idea of the Middle Ages. » sur le site. En pratique : Quelles sources sont attendues ? La tragédie de Lohengrin fut sa solitude essentielle. On peut pleinement apprécier le paysage romantique des environs du château en allant sur le Marienbrücke, pont qui surplombe de 92 m le fond de la gorge de la Pöllat. A joint candidature with other representative palaces of the romantic historicism is discussed (including Schwerin Palace, for example). King Ludwig II did not attach importance to representative requirements of former times, in which the life of a monarch was mostly public. The white limestone used for the fronts came from a nearby quarry.[27]. Vue panoramique depuis le Marienbrücke (pont de Marie). Embedded in the pavement is the floor plan of the planned palace chapel. C'est aussi l'exemple typique d'historicisme en architecture. Secrets d'Histoire Officiel 14,108 views 1:38 Offizielle Website von Schloss und Park Herrenchiemsee. [2] More than 1.3 million people visit annually, with as many as 6,000 per day in the summer.[3]. Following the king's wish, it amalgamated the Grail Hall from Parzival with a symbol of the divine right of kings,[19] an incorporation of unrestricted sovereign power, which King Ludwig as the head of a constitutional monarchy no longer held. La salle du trône représente la salle du Graal de Parsifal. The court buildings served decorative, rather than residential purposes:[9] The palace was intended to serve King Ludwig II as a kind of inhabitable theatrical setting. A Bride Chamber in the Bower (after a location in Lohengrin),[23] guest rooms in the first and second floor of the Palas and a great banquet hall were further abandoned projects. Lieu de naissance de Louis II de Bavière, le château de Nymphembourg à Munich était autrefois la résidence d’été des princes et des rois de Bavière. Artistes ayant travaillé au château de Neuschwanstein, Dépôt nazi pour les œuvres pillées en France, « Ursprünglich sollte das Schloss mit Gäste- und Dienstbotenzimmer über 200 Räume auf einer Fläche von 6.000 m2 beherbergen. Neuschwanstein welcomes almost 1.5 million visitors per year making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. En 1867, lors d’un voyage en France, Louis II visita le château de Pierrefonds. Photochrome du château réalisé à partir d'une photographie prise entre 1890 et 1905. The castle was intended as a home for the King, until he died in 1886. En 1866, le fer a remplacé le bois. Destinations En 1944, la majorité des œuvres sont transférées par des hommes de l'ERR vers une région plus sûre et cachée dans une mine de sel de la montagne Altaussee. Site officiel du château de Neuschwanstein, le château de conte de fées du Roi Louis II de Bavière à Schwangau en Allgäu The interior of the royal living space in the palace was mostly completed in 1886; the lobbies and corridors were painted in a simpler style by 1888. The western end of the courtyard is delimited by the Palas (hall). Le film américain Monuments Men retrace l'action du groupe Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program chargé de retrouver les œuvres d'art volées par les nazis, notamment au château de Neuschwanstein [6]. At times when the King insisted on particularly close deadlines and urgent changes, reportedly up to 300 workers per day were active, sometimes working at night by the light of oil lamps. La visite peut être complétée par la projection d'un film sur la vie de Louis II de Bavière. Le visiteur accède aux pièces d'habitation et de travail du roi Louis II par l'antichambre lambrissée de chêne. The eastward-pointing gate building is the only structure of the palace whose wall area is fashioned in high-contrast colours; the exterior walls are cased with red bricks, the court fronts with yellow limestone. Les peintures murales illustrent la vie et l'œuvre de Walther von der Vogelweide et Hans Sachs. This was not realised,[17] and a connection wing between the Gatehouse and the Bower saw the same fate. Ce n'est qu'après la construction de la route et de l'installation de l'eau courante que la première pierre fut posée, le 5 septembre 1869. In spite of the gaudy décor, the living space with its moderate room size and its sofas and suites makes a relatively modern impression on today's visitors. The Knights' House was also simplified. Another crane was used at the construction site. The King's staterooms are situated in the upper stories: The anterior structure accommodates the lodgings in the third floor, above them the Hall of the Singers. [41] The Moorish Hall desired by the King (and planned below the Throne Hall) was not realised any more than the so-called Knights' Bath, which, modelled after the Knights' Bath in the Wartburg, was intended to render homage to the knights' cult as a medieval baptism bath. The Throne Hall, 20 by 12 metres (66 by 39 ft),[55] is situated in the west wing of the Palas. These themes were taken up in the operas of Richard Wagner. Dans les jeux vidéos Dark Souls 1 et 3 ainsi que Demon's Souls, des châteaux similaires sont des lieux principaux où se déroule l'action du jeu. In 1870, a society was founded for insuring the workers, for a low monthly fee, augmented by the King. Apart from the large ceremonial rooms several smaller rooms were created for use by King Ludwig II. The first performance in this hall took place in 1933: A concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of Richard Wagner's death.[34]. Contenu: Château de Neuschwanstein Salle à manger. Neuschwanstein Castle consists of several individual structures which were erected over a length of 150 metres on the top of a cliff ridge. The King's bedroom is dominated by a huge bed adorned with carvings. [30] As a temple of friendship it was also dedicated to the life and work of Richard Wagner, who died in 1883 before he had set foot in the building. The castle was intended as a home for the King, until he died in 1886. An example can be seen in his comments, or commands, regarding a mural depicting Lohengrin in the Palas; "His Majesty wishes that ... the ship be placed further from the shore, that Lohengrin's neck be less tilted, that the chain from the ship to the swan be of gold and not of roses, and finally that the style of the castle shall be kept medieval. Ludwig was put under the supervision of von Gudden. Inhalt: Bienvenue sur l’île d’Herrenchiemsee ou "îles des hommes" Nous avons réuni sur notre site internet des informations détaillées en langue allemande et en langue anglaise sur l’île de Herrenchiemsee. [46] Thereafter the Bavarian archives used some of the rooms as a provisional store for salvaged archivalia, as the premises in Munich had been bombed. The administrators of King Ludwig's estate managed to balance the construction debts by 1899. In the peak season from June until August, Neuschwanstein has as many as 6,000 visitors per day, and guests without advance reservation may have to wait several hours. It was followed by the rococo style Lustschloss of Linderhof Palace and the baroque palace of Herrenchiemsee, a monument to the era of absolutism. The servants' rooms in the basement of the Palas are quite scantily equipped with massive oak furniture. The king's influence is apparent throughout, and he took a keen personal interest in the design and decoration. [12][nb 3], The King saw both buildings as representatives of a romantic interpretation of the Middle Ages, as well as the musical mythology of his friend Wagner, whose operas Tannhäuser and Lohengrin had made a lasting impression on him.[13]. He slept only 11 nights in the castle. The adjacent little house chapel is consecrated to Saint Louis, after whom the owner was named. Bénéficiez de la Garantie du meilleur prix ! The upper floor of the Gatehouse is surmounted by a crow-stepped gable and held King Ludwig II's first lodging at Neuschwanstein, from which he occasionally observed the building work before the hall was completed. The mural paintings were created by Wilhelm Hauschild. Three fragments were found: Neuschwanstein I (1.75 kg (3.9 lb), found July 2002) and Neuschwanstein II (1.63 kg (3.6 lb), found May 2003) on the German side, and Neuschwanstein III (2.84 kg (6.3 lb), found June 2003) on the Austrian side near Reutte. [5] The Hall of the Singers was never designed for court festivities of the reclusive King. La Bavière dispose de châteaux magnifiques dont Neuschwanstein, le palais de Walt Disney ou Herrenchiemsee, le Versailles bavarois. ». La salle des chanteurs occupe entièrement le 4e étage du château et est une copie de la salle d'hôtes des ménestrels de la Wartburg en Thuringe, réalisée par Julius Hofmann. La salle du trône, sur deux étages, avec sa série de piliers en imitation de porphyre et de lapis-lazuli, a été achevée l'année de la mort du roi (1886). Deux années plus tard, après sa mort mystérieuse, le château fut ouvert au public, bien qu'il ne fût pas encore terminé à cette époque. [34] As his private means were insufficient for his increasingly escalating construction projects, the King continuously opened new lines of credit. Opaque glass windows separated the rooms from the corridor that connects the exterior stairs with the main stairs, so that the King could enter and leave unseen. Projet initial. Weg vom Tegelberg, oberhalb der Marienbrücke, Südansicht, der Forggensee im Hintergrund Des éléments néo-gothiques et néo-byzantins (la salle du trône) sont également présents. In 1977, Neuschwanstein Castle became the motif of a West German definitive stamp, and it appeared on a €2 commemorative coin for the German Bundesländer series in 2012. 21 903 objets d'art dont 5 281 tableaux y sont stockés. The foundation for the keep is visible in the upper courtyard.[49]. Palace-building projects similar to Neuschwanstein had been undertaken earlier in several of the German states and included Hohenschwangau Castle, Lichtenstein Castle, Hohenzollern Castle, and numerous buildings on the River Rhine such as Stolzenfels Castle. [8] Linderhof, the smallest of the projects, was finished in 1886, and the other two remain incomplete. Les salles d'habitation du roi et les salles d'apparat des troisième et quatrième étages étaient plus ou moins achevées en 1886. "[48], The suite of rooms within the Palas contains the Throne Room, King Ludwig's suite, the Singers' Hall, and the Grotto. C'est aujourd'hui le château le plus célèbre d'Allemagne, visité chaque année par plus d'un million de touristes. A massive keep, which would have formed the highest point and central focus of the ensemble, was planned for the middle of the upper courtyard but was never built, at the decision of the King's family. Neuschwanstein houses numerous significant interior rooms of German historicism. (After World War II 39 photo albums were found in the palace documenting the scale of the art seizures. Sous la demi-coupole, dans une alcôve dorée, on atteint la plate-forme du trône par une volée de marches de marbre blanc. A flight of steps at the side gives access to the upper level. [36] A second commission headed by Bernhard von Gudden arrived on the next day, and the King was forced to leave the palace that night. 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It served as the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle, Cameran Palace in the animated Pokémon film Lucario and The Mystery of Mew (2005), and later similar structures. Instead, the dining room was connected with the kitchen by means of a service lift. Today, the foundation plan of the chapel-keep is marked out in the upper-courtyard pavement. Separated by only a moat, they jointly consisted of a hall, a keep, and a fortified tower house. With the palace under construction at the King's death, one of the major features of the palace remained unbuilt. Comment ajouter mes sources ? Lettre de Louis II à Richard Wagner de Guiguère, 13 mai 1868 : « Il est dans mon intention de reconstruire la vieille ruine du château de Hohenschwangau près de la gorge de Pöllat dans le style authentique des vieux châteaux des chevaliers allemands, et je vous confesse que je me languis de vivre ce jour (dans 3 ans) ; il y aura plusieurs salles confortables et chambres d'hôtes avec une vue splendide du noble Säuling, les montagnes du Tyrol et loin à travers la plaine ; vous connaissez l'hôte vénéré que je voudrais voir là ; l'endroit est un des plus beaux qu'on puisse trouver, sacré et inaccessible, un digne temple pour l'ami divin qui a apporté le salut et la bénédiction au monde. The chandelier is fashioned after a Byzantine crown. Les grandes peintures murales d'Hauschild et von Heckel dépeignent le « Miracle du Graal » et l'« Arrivée de Lohengrin à Anvers ». [54] The rectangular room was decorated with themes from Lohengrin and Parzival. 11-mag-2017 - Neuschwanstein, le célèbre château du roi Louis II de Bavière, est un site incontournable. [52] Further novelties for the era were running warm water and toilets with automatic flushing. Encerclé de montagnes et de lacs magnifiques, son cadre idyllique participe énormément à la magie de ce lieu. Richement décoré, le salon, avec son annexe « le coin du cygne », est entièrement consacré à la légende du chevalier Lohengrin, qui avait une importance considérable chez Louis II. When Bavaria became a republic in 1918, the government socialised the civil list. L’idée de mélanger ce style architectural néo-gothique à celui, médiéval, de la Wartburg en Thuringe donna un résultat flamboyant. Ludwig paid for the palace out of his personal fortune and by means of extensive borrowing, rather than Bavarian public funds. Lorsque With its height of 13 metres (43 ft)[55] it occupies the third and fourth floors. [56] It was in this room that Ludwig was arrested in the night from 11 to 12 June 1886. The nicest castles in Munich and Bavaria, Germany. The servants were not allowed to use the main stairs, but were restricted to the much narrower and steeper servants' stairs. For about two decades the construction site was the principal employer in the region. Le trône lui-même, conçu en or et en ivoire, n'a jamais été réalisé, car le roi est mort avant. [62] The meteorite is classified as an enstatite chondrite with unusually large proportions of pure iron (29%), enstatite and the extremely rare mineral sinoite (Si2N2O). Dec 24, 2015 - Château de Neuschwanstein Bavière Allemagne. Le château de Neuschwanstein, imaginé par Louis II comme le château du Graal et, simultanément, le château du Chevalier au Cygne Lohengrin, y adjoint un autre héros dans cette salle, à savoir Tannhäuser. Statistics from the years 1879/1880 support an immense amount of building materials: 465 tonnes (513 short tons) of Salzburg marble, 1,550 t (1,710 short tons) of sandstone, 400,000 bricks and 2,050 cubic metres (2,680 cu yd) of wood for the scaffolding.

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